Kiss Me To The Moon – Signed CD & Personalized Letter

Kiss Me To The Moon – Signed CD & Personalized Letter


Released Jun 1, 2014

Purchase a signed copy of my debut EP, Kiss Me to the Moon. These are a limited edition, only available on the official Carol Kay store.

You can still stream this album for free on YouTube, Spotify or Apple music, but I sincerely appreciate your support if you chose to purchase the physical copy! It helps me to continue to create and make a sustainable living through my art.

Each order will be signed to you personally with a personal thank you note.

Track List:

1. Sad Eyes

2. Lay Me Down

3. Take it Off

4. I’m a Liar

5. Kiss Me to the Moon



Each and every one of these songs was hand crafted in my studio with the help of my wonderful collaborators by the names of Mili Kulugamanna (co-writer), Robert Di Bartolomeo (multi-instrumentalist), Steve Molella (producer and drummer on “Take It Off”) and Steve Corrao of Sage Audio (mastering engineer). I couldn’t have produced this album without the help of these people, and for that, I sincerely thank them for their wonderful work and enjoyable collaboration.